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Opportunities at AG Consulting 

Position Openings

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Customer Support and Sales

• Provide onsite, telephone, and client relations to a consumer base

• Market and Develop new campaigns based on service and Products

• Attend large, high profile conferences as required: Bring creative and new marketing strategies to the table for our high profile clientele

• On occasion, attend and present to prospective clients

• Responsible for accuracy of all paperwork that arrives for assigned accounts.

• Work with the Director of the company and management staff to effectively build client revenue

• Provide onsite and in field services to Clients including sales, promotional services, and customer service on products offered

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Business Development Representative

  • Efficiently be able to work in a challenging fast paced environment with excellence. Demonstrating the ability to support the operations staff with a strong performance

  • Responsible for all further processed operations which include sales, production management and to ensure compliance with the company’s standards and regulatory requirements.

  • Responsible for learning the customer service and marketing standards of our clients. Coordination of demographic management to ensure maximum productivity.

  • Reviewing all GMG standards and procedures to guarantee productivity and standards are met. 

  • Direct Brand Marketing to consumers face to face. Provide sales support and and support to our account managers and other agents in our office 

  • Ability to build a solid team of employees and train in marketing development

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AG Consulting:
Business Development and Customer Support Specialists

Job Requirements

-Previous work experience in sales, business development, customer service, or management. 

-Job candidates should have demonstrated abilities to exceed target revenue goals, provide excellent customer service, build long-term relationships, and work in a team-oriented environment.

-Client managers should have strong communication and negotiation skills, as well as solid presentation skills. 

-The ability to operate computer software, such as Microsoft Office, may also be helpful.


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